Building an effective school timetable that fosters a learning environment designed for success can be challenging – especially in schools where resources and capacity for complex administrative work is limited.

HFL Education’s specialist Curriculum Modelling and Timetable service provides support to schools and academies on all aspects of curriculum building and modelling. From training on the principles of timetabling to writing the entire timetable, our team can add value by writing and reviewing a curriculum model as well as reviewing its efficiency and effectiveness.


How does the HFL timetable service work?

Your school or academy is unique and faces unique resourcing, time, and administrative pressures, so we don’t do ‘off the shelf’ or ‘one size fits all’ solutions.

Our experienced and expert team will work with you to properly understand how your school works in practice, where demand on resourcing is having an undesirable impact, and what outcomes you’d ideally like to achieve.

From there we’ll work through a structured process that frames your modelling and timetabling approach within that context and ensures your planning is fit for purpose.

Usually, we’ll start with a review of your existing curriculum modelling and timetabling approach to identify where it can be more effective and to accommodate any new or imminent changes – e.g., to the shape of the school day or a transition from a 2-year to a 3-year KS3. 

Depending on whether you simply need supported timetable planning or are looking to outsource your timetabling to us, we’ll then work with you to ensure the insights we gain from the review of existing process is built into the next steps.


Supported timetable planning

We offer support and assistance to the school timetabler in all areas of planning an efficient and effective timetable through the year. This includes:

  • Meetings at key times of the year

  • Construction of the curriculum model

  • Creating staffing plans

  • Meetings with subject leads and other key staff

  • Support with timetabling software such as Nova-T6, TimeTabler or Edval

  • Supported timetable construction and scheduling

  • Telephone, email, or onsite support in September

  • Early start Key Stage 4

  • Support with changing the school timetable for Year 9 to start Key Stage 4 in June

Outsourced timetable construction

We’re very happy to take on the task of creating your entire school timetable for you.

For schools that choose this option, we include regular reviews with senior leaders through the process.

These normally comprise on-site support at the start of the academic year in September and then remote support by email and telephone during the remainder of the year, with an option to hold face to face reviews if needed.


Special Schools/Pupil Referral Units (PRUs)

We offer both supported timetable planning and outsourced timetable construction for these settings, which include the equivalent of up to half a day’s support at the start of the autumn term.


Why work with HFL Education to build a better timetable?

Our timetable support specialists are highly trained and have extensive experience of constructing and supporting timetable planning in a variety of school settings, including split site and split breaks, as well as large and complex 12-form entry and small PRUs (also called Education Support Units or ESCs in some counties).

With our support and help you’ll be in the best possible position to create a timetable or curriculum model that will drive your future success.


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