HFL Education offers a tailored and creative approach to behaviour management across all educational phases in mainstream and special schools.

We work collaboratively with schools to enhance skills and empower staff and other stakeholders by providing support that addresses specific challenges in individual schools by focusing on practical and effective approaches.

How does HFL support behaviour management in schools?

Our expert team is highly experienced and has a comprehensive understanding of behaviour management within schools at both a local and national level.

Our Behaviour Solutions services are designed to be applied across the whole school or setting and might typically focus on:

  • Emotional Regulation, Peer Mediation, Restorative approaches

  • Effective classroom management

  • Anti-Bullying and Anti-Prejudice

  • Effective and practical Behaviour Policies that work for your school:

  • Positive relationships through PSHE curriculum

  • Building stronger staff cohesion and consistency

  • Behaviour Enhanced Enquiry (whole school review)

  • Behaviour for Learning

  • Improving attendance

  • Post Suspension/Permanent Exclusion Enhanced Enquiry

  • Action to effectively challenge repeated behaviours

What does a whole school behaviour and wellbeing review involve?

Our experienced wellbeing and behaviour advisers will spend time reviewing the school website and documentation before visiting your school or setting to discuss their conclusions and properly understand the outcomes you want to achieve.

The process includes:

  • Advance scrutiny of your website and relevant policies

  • Initial briefing from headteacher, SLT lead and governor on the current approach to behaviour management in school and its impact

  • Detailed discussion with the behaviour/pastoral lead around processes, intent, and evidence of impact

  • Access to and use of pupil and parent voice and engagement

  • Reviewing evidence of processes, recording, monitoring, and reporting

  • Assessment of effective use of resources, staff confidence levels, and training

  • Exploration of curriculum content delivered to support the behaviour policy (PSHE/RSHE lead and/or school mental health lead

  • Tour of school to visit lessons and collect pupil perspectives and experiences

  • Identification of possible next steps for development


Behaviour Leadership Programme

The Behaviour Leadership Programme is designed to support settings to further enhance their behaviour practices. By drawing on expert research and practitioners, it explores how changes in behavioural approaches can better support the needs of the whole school and wider communities. The needs and challenges of each of our settings is different and this programme is designed to meet you where you are on your journey to improving behaviour in your setting. 

Our 2024 programme is fully subscribed however if you’d like to discuss support for behaviour leadership please contact the Wellbeing team.


What are the benefits of working with HFL to improve your behaviour management in school?

The support we provide for behaviour management within your school or setting is designed to improve staff confidence in how they respond to unproductive behaviours, enabling them to intervene in the right way at the right time.

Our behaviour management support is strategic and inclusive, which enables schools to adopt and embed approaches to best suit the needs of staff, pupils and their wider communities.

We focus on encouraging a growth mindset, self-efficacy, and self-regulation and resilience through wellbeing approaches to support effective learning and achieve the right outcome through a class coaching process

parent with child sitting in front of headteacher

It was a good opportunity to highlight the strengths and identify what was working well, and receive support and strategies to move the school forward.  I felt listened to and felt the adviser had a good understanding of my school, staff, and children.   The advice was very good and I'm certain to put things into practice as I continue to work on our school priorities.

Mr A Dourad
Ashfield Junior School

The content of the information linked with the passion and knowledge of the speaker made this an inspiring day.

Anon – Stevenage Schools Partnership – EYFS Leaders

Overall, a helpful course, with a really positive overtone. I came away feeling that I could make good changes without feeling overloaded.

Anon – Building Positive Behaviour through Trusted Relationships

[Advisers] are empowering staff to lead on changing the environment and routines...  It is definitely having an impact on the behaviours and the staff ability to effectively manage and work with those behaviours. They are very enthusiastic about what they can do and have put a number of your ideas in place quickly.

M Janes
Ashtree Primary School & Nursery


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If you’d like to know more about how HFL’s behaviour management services can help you to change attitudes to learning, please contact the Wellbeing team.


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