Schools, like any complex organisation, often encounter numerous challenges related to human resources. From recruitment to retention, professional development, compliance, and maintaining a positive work culture, the list of potential pain points is vast. A dedicated HR advisory service, such as the one provided by HFL Education, can assist schools in addressing these challenges in a comprehensive and efficient manner.

Every school, setting and trust wants to prioritise the cost-effective delivery of a first-class education rather than getting bogged down in managing time-consuming HR issues.

That’s why we offer an expert HR Advisory Service to help you navigate the employee landscape as quickly and effortlessly as possible.


What is the HR Advisory Service?

 Our HR Advisory Service immediately connects you to a team of expert and experienced HR advisors who understand the education sector and can help you with up-to-date guidance and support on every conceivable HR or management subject.

The service is tailored to the individual demands and needs of your school, setting or trust, ensuring you get the right support in a timely way.  On average our team successfully resolves around 600 HR and people management issues each month so you can be assured we have the expertise to support you.

We’re responsive, agile and experienced, allowing you the confidence of knowing you’re getting solutions-focused guidance from HR advisors who understand your challenges, your environment and your goals. We can offer ongoing support with a wide range of issues, including:

  • Managing sickness absence
  • Addressing work related stress
  • Managing poor performance and disciplinary process
  • Handling workplace conflict and grievances (including bullying, harassment and whistleblowing)
  • Strategic restructuring or organisational change
  • Support in managing risks in complex scenarios and difficult conversations

What are the benefits of using our HR Advisory Service?

Benefits of using the HR advisory service include:

  • Key education expertise from qualified HR professionals with up-to-date knowledge and a wide breadth of skills and experience

  • Reassurance and support for leaders in schools, settings, and trusts

  • Immediacy and ease of access to an HR Advisor

  • Experience with the full range of issues in an employee life cycle

  • Strategic, specialised and high-level HR expertise for more complex matters or for schools, settings and trusts without an in-house HR resource; or to supplement the work of in-house teams where appropriate

  • Case discussions and support for HR practitioners based in schools

  • Advice, policies and guidance to support legal compliance

A professional, expert and specialist education HR advisory service is invaluable for schools, settings and trusts that need to balance the demands of the classroom and pupil environment with the need to take care of the day-to-day running of the organisation.


How does HFL’s HR Advisory Service work?

The HR Advisory Service is specifically designed to comprehensively support schools, settings and trusts in managing their human resources effectively and efficiently. The service consists of several elements:


Digital onboarding meeting

This initial meeting gives school leaders a clear understanding of the service, setting expectations right from the start. It also provides an opportunity for leaders to clarify their specific HR concerns and needs. This can lead to tailored advice and ensures the HR support aligns perfectly with the school's objectives.

Remote HR Advisory support

Having access to remote support via telephone, digital platforms, and email provides convenient, timely, and essential advice for dealing with any HR or people management issues. Direct access to a credible, experienced team who understand the educational environment and frameworks, and who are committed to providing solution-focused support and guidance can help to resolve problems promptly and effectively, preventing minor issues from escalating. This aspect of the service is particularly beneficial in a fast-paced school environment where immediate support can make a significant difference.

In-person HR Advisory support

In addition to remote support, we offer in-person options to suit your budget and your needs. We add value with on-site visits and attendance at agreed meetings by an HR advisor to enable closer support for more complex matters as part of your packages or as an optional extra.

Unlimited phone and email advice and support

Unlimited phone and email advice and support in relation to any employee relations, HR and people management topics.

HR portals

The online repository of model policies, template letters, practice guides, and other resources is an invaluable tool. It provides schools and academies with a solid foundation for managing a wide range of employment topics, from recruitment to performance management, legal compliance, and beyond. With these ready-made, expertly developed resources at their fingertips, school and academy leaders can save time and ensure they are following best practices in their HR and people management strategies.

HR Consultancy

HR Consultancy providing you with hands-on practical support to deliver larger projects or strategic priorities.

We provide advice and support to either a nominated lead contact or to any of your school leaders, including the headteacher, SLT, school business manager, governors, line managers and any member of staff who is acting on behalf of the school in taking advice. It’s your choice.



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