Getting to the root of conflict between employees and finding a swift resolution is essential for ongoing success. We specialise in providing expert mediation services specifically tailored to schools, settings and trusts, aimed at fostering a harmonious and supportive work environment.

Our dedicated team of skilled mediators are committed to helping schools overcome challenges, improve communication, and create a positive atmosphere that benefits the entire school community.

Mediation enables:

  • A structure for difficult conversations
  • Disputing staff to discuss their disagreements and jointly agree to resolve their concerns
  • Responsibility for resolution to sit with the parties in dispute
  • A safe space for the dispute to be explored and to achieve mutual understanding and consensus
  • Impartial assistance to help staff resolve their differences without needing to resort to a formal grievance procedure


How does our independent Mediation Service work?

During the 4-step mediation process, our mediators will:

  • Facilitate a first meeting with each party separately, allowing them to pinpoint the main source of the issue.
  • Guide a second individual meeting in which both sides will be made aware of each other’s point of view and will be guided on how to communicate it during a subsequent joint meeting.
  • Run a joint meeting in a room with both sides, who will be encouraged to listen to one other's viewpoints and allow each other undisturbed speaking time – a step that can drastically alter the dynamic of the conflict for the better. This meeting concludes with a mutual agreement to resolve the issue.
  • Work with both parties to reflect on what has happened and to agree what course of action should be taken if another disagreement occurs.
  • After mediation, our mediators keep in touch with the parties for a full year.

The process of investigating conflict and identifying possible options for resolution can be time-consuming if attempted internally, absorbing costs that might otherwise be spent on the vital delivery of first-class education.


Why work with HFL’s Mediation Service?

Professionally trained mediators

Our professionally trained mediators are experts not only in facilitating dialogue between colleagues who are in dispute, but also trained in conciliation best-practice, ensuring you get the best possible service.

Creating the right culture

Conflict is inevitable, but how it is handled can make all the difference. Our mediation service helps schools establish a collaborative culture, where staff members learn to address conflicts constructively and work together towards common goals. This enhanced teamwork ultimately leads to a more efficient and harmonious school environment.

Retain valuable talent

In schools, settings and trusts, experienced and dedicated staff are invaluable. Our mediation service helps schools retain valuable talent by addressing issues promptly and offering support to staff members in challenging situations. The result is increased staff satisfaction and reduced turnover, creating stability and continuity in the school community.

Find out more

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