You have the vision for your multi-academy trust. We have the expertise. From onboarding schools to centralising services, our experienced professionals work shoulder-to-shoulder with your trust to deliver success.

No two multi-academy trusts (MATs) are the same with a rich variety in context, size, evolution, people capacity and capability. There are common factors - all MATs operate within a structured and highly regulated framework, striving to meet all the different requirements set out in the Academy Trust Handbook. Health and safety, GDPR, financial regulation, internal audits, complaint management, cyber security - the list of non-negotiable requirements is extensive.

But does ticking all these compliance boxes lay the groundwork for excellence in education? Can it help trusts to develop a reputation for the quality of the education they provide to children and young people?

The answer is complex, but at HFL we believe that compliance can correlate to educational excellence and better outcomes for children. Robust policies, practices and accountability coupled with great leadership, create the conditions and the space needed to work on excellence.


How we help support multi-academy trusts to deliver both compliance and excellence

We’ve been working with multi-academy trusts (MATs) for over 10 years. We’ve learned there’s no one-size-fits-all approach for trusts, and we are committed to working in partnership with each trust to deliver the unique package of support they need to flourish. 

Under the guidance of our Chief Executive - who joined us from a multi-academy trust, we continue to apply our knowledge and expertise to MATs, offering everything you need, in one place. In fact, we’ve brought in lots of new professionals with academy trust experience to boost our offer. 

The journey starts with a meeting with one of our experienced leaders, who will take the time to understand the complexities and challenges of your trust and identify strategic priority areas where you can make improvements. 

We’ll then introduce you to specialist subject and education business experts from around HFL who can help you deliver the solid foundations of compliance while growing educational excellence to ensure each and every child has a great education.

We can help by delivering a holistic view across a broad range of services from teaching and learning and leadership, to business services and support. Contact us to discuss your needs and let us put together the right solution for your trust.



mat wheel of compliance -1 Triangulation of peer reviews 2 Subject reviews 3 Phase reviews from EYFS and Post 16 4 Safeguarding audits 5 Inclusion reviews (inc race equity) 6 SEND reviews 7 Quality of teaching and learning audits 8 Moderation services 9 Procurement support 10 Wellbeing reviews 11 GDPR support and audits 12 Complaint management and investigations 13 Cyber security reviews 14 Governance reviews and audits 15 Finance audits and reviews 16 Health and safety audits


Subject excellence strategic planning; Phase excellence (EYFS to Post 16);Race equity strategic planning; Reading fluency programme; Middle leadership development; Induction and development of central team staff; Leadership recruitment services; Moderation services; DPO support and GDPR guidance; Data management strategy and support; Complaint Process and Policy; Team insight and development services; HR strategic planning; Evolving financial practices; Governance strategic planning; IT Strategic planning


Why choose our multi-academy trust services?

Over 10 years’ experience of supporting MATs 

With over 10 years’ experience of empowering academy trusts with specialist skills and services, we recognise the diversity of experience, ethos and strategic ambition within MATs.

We tailor our services to your needs 

We tailor our services on the individual needs of the schools within a MAT, and through a combination of challenge and support, we will work together with you to ensure every school is able to sustain improvement.

Our experience of MATs is wide ranging

Our experience ranges from assisting newly formed academy trusts through to well-established trusts where we provide critical friend external assurance and audit support. Many of our teams have worked inside, and alongside, multi-academy trusts and have a strong track of school turnaround and rapid improvement.

We can partner with you

We can partner with your trust leaders and teams to ensure your resources across teaching and leadership, finance, HR, business management, governance and technology are effectively planned, utilised to best effect and sustainable.

Our team consists of experienced professionals

Our team consists of senior, experienced professionals with the capability to work alongside trust leadership teams to influence, steer and implement solutions that achieve your strategic aims. 


HFL continues to deliver a highly professional and customer focussed service to our school.

Chair of Governors, Simon Balle Academy Trust.

Our Trust is benefiting from working closely with HFL Contract Services team to support and help manage all our contract requirements across many different areas. They respond quickly to all enquiries and seek answers from the respective departments within HFL. Our contract manager is supportive and helpful and keeps in touch regularly. The termly contract review meetings are especially beneficial as these provide current updates, help clear up queries and prompt discussion around specific items of interest. I highly recommend HFL contract services. 

Executive Head & CEO, Chess Valley Primary Learning Trust

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