Under existing law all organisations that collect data, including schools, are expected to have compliant GDPR policies in place to ensure the way they handle, store, and use data is compliant.

Given schools and trusts work with high volumes of personal data on a daily basis this creates a significant need for your education setting to be able to identify potential gaps in process – and to get the right advice at the right time to ensure you remain compliant.

HFL Education’s expert GDPR Support Service, which includes the option of a dedicated school data protection officer (required by law in all schools), is a highly flexible resource that’s tailored to meet the ongoing individual GDPR challenges your SLT faces.

What is the GDPR Support Service?

We offer two service options.

GDPR Toolkit

Our GDPR Toolkit gives your DPO access to a range of online resources and systems that will help them to manage their tasks and priorities more effectively and efficiently.

DPO Service

Our DPO Service offers solutions that can be tailored to the specific issues your school or trust might be experiencing.

Having the choice of these options means you get support on a basis that best serves your needs.

Between them, our GDPR Toolkit and DPO services offer:

  • Customisable resources to support compliance

  • GDPR advice in person or remotely from experienced education professionals

  • Bespoke support for DPOs, leaders and support staff when needed

  • Unlimited remote sessions for advice and/or training whenever required

What are the benefits of HFL’s GDPR Support service?

The outsourced GDPR support we provide is delivered by experienced specialists who have extensive knowledge of GDPR and the wider Data Protection Act 2018 as it applies in an education setting.

The service is designed to meet your individual needs, it also allows you access to a range of resources that will enable you to manage the majority of GDPR issues that affect your school or trust.

We can provide support to your existing data protection officer (DPO) or be your named DPO if you’re struggling to appoint the right person.


Find out more

If you’d like to know more about how HFL’s GDPR Support Service can help you and your school data protection officer to manage your GDPR responsibilities more effectively, please contact us.


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