HFL Education’s Business Management Services are designed to support new and existing headteachers and school business managers to understand and manage the business management responsibilities in their schools.

Through reviews, knowledge sharing, best practice advice and mentoring we offer programmes that are tailored to your specific needs, and which help you to maximise efficiency across all areas of operation in your school, setting or trust.  


How can HFL provide business management support for my school?

We offer 4 core programmes that bring together all the knowledge, skills and training needed to ensure you create the right business environment to be successful.

  • Business Improvement Partner

    A 12-month programme that provides headteachers with the strategic skills to have effective oversight of their school’s business management functions.

  • Strategic Financial Reviews

    Enables senior leaders and governors to evaluate the financial sustainability of their schools and how they might improve the management of their resources.

  • School Business Management Induction and Mentoring Service

     A year-long programme that supports those new to post in navigating their way around effective business management operations.

  • Office Efficiency Reviews

    Helps senior leaders to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of their school office and wider business management practices.

Together, these programmes represent a proven and highly effective approach to enabling headteachers who are new in post to learn and understand the business management operations and strategic planning that will drive the future success of their school or setting.

Over the course of each programme, you and/or your leadership teams, governors or school business manager will acquire core outcome-focused skills around budget-setting and management, strategic financial planning, and operations management.


Why use HFL for your business management support?

Each of our consultants have extensive school business management experience, having worked as School Business Managers, Chief Finance Officers and Chief Operating Officers throughout the maintained and academy sectors and all education phases from nursery phase through to secondary.

We work closely with HFL’s specialist advisers in HR, Governance, and Data Management and have the support of our Education Services teams where their advice and insight adds additional value.


What are the benefits of working with HFL’s Business Management Service?

  • Our expert school business management advisers offer proven value in helping to create vibrant, thriving schools, settings and trusts that run efficiently, are financially stable and sustainable, and that see investment in good management practice rewarded by improved student outcomes
  • You and your School Business Manager will gain an improved understanding of the business functions of your school, allowing for greater strategic business management planning relating to all functions outside that of teaching, learning and behaviour
  • You will also develop the skills and confidence to implement achievable strategic financial plans and better understand how your resources might be used to improve the outcomes of your students
  • By investing in support for your new School Business Manager at the early stages of their career you will ensure a positive contribution to the impact of your strategic plans at a senior level

Overall, the combined benefits of our business management service translates into more streamlined and efficient office practices and financial sustainability. 



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