Reviewing and changing the organisational structure of your school or setting can happen for a number of reasons. Sometimes organisational change is driven by internal challenges such as budgets and finance, but it can also happen in order to create better ways of working.

Whatever the reasons may be for considering making minor or fundamental changes in the way your school is structured, it’s vital that change is identified, designed and implemented in a measured, logical and effective way that avoids emotional and practical disruption.

At HFL Education we offer school leaders specialist reorganisation design and HR expertise from the outset, supporting you through that critical planning stage to ensure that whatever your organisational structure looks like in the future, it’s robust and fit for purpose.

With an in-depth understanding of the education sector, we bring a wealth of knowledge to every partnership, supporting as closely or remotely as you wish.


Why do I need restructure and organisation design services?

Our restructure and organisation design services help schools streamline their operations, reduce the need for redundancies and maximise. By optimising your structure, you can achieve greater efficiency and focus on delivering high-quality education.

Many schools find themselves facing a change in management or financial circumstances which can make a change in structure a logical step. These may include:

  • Joining or forming a Multi-Academy Trust
  • Responding to budgetary pressures
  • Improving operational effectiveness and efficiency
  • Responding to an ever‑changing educational landscape

The process of change is always time-consuming and is often fraught with issues around employment law, regulatory considerations, communications and logistics.

Having dedicated assistance from beginning to end of the change process from expert HR professionals who have both experience of a wide range of public and commercial sectors and specialist knowledge of the education environment can mitigate stress, cost and risk.

The expertise we can bring to your process means that not only is the process itself efficient and effective, but it can also be possible to benchmark process, practice and success criteria against other schools.


Why use our Restructure and Organisation Design Service?

Education specific knowledge

Our team of specialists possesses extensive sector knowledge, gained through years of experience working with schools, settings and trusts. We understand the intricacies of school operations, the challenges faced by school leaders, and the unique dynamics within the education community. This expertise allows us to craft bespoke restructure and organisation design strategies that resonate with your school’s vision, values, and long-term goals. 

Access to a full team of specialists

Our wider team includes specialists in HR, finance, governance, school business management and education to ensure that there is a team around you to ensure success in your restructure or redesign.

Close collaboration

Each school, setting or trust is unique, and our approach reflects this diversity. By collaborating closely with school leaders, we gain insights into your specific needs and aspirations. We will work closely with you to review and qualify your current structure and then help to design a new one that will be effective in delivering the required outcomes within an agreed timeframe.

Tailored support

The support we can provide is tailored to meet the specific demands of your individual circumstances, school, and desired success criteria, with our consultancy time scheduled so we are able to work alongside you from inception and deliver agreed actions that are translated into a business plan. This personalised approach ensures that our solutions create a lasting impact on your school's performance and culture.

Existing service contracts

We know budgets in schools, setting and trusts can be challenging.  If you already subscribe to our HR support services, we can also provide further implementation support as part of your existing service contract, including assistance with process and procedure.


When the school was facing restructuring and redundancy the level of advice and support from HR was excellent. All meetings were managed and attended by a representative from HR. The school has also received a high level of support when dealing with staffing issues.

Headteacher, Hertfordshire Catholic Primary School

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