Our Languages advisory team provides a wealth of training, advice and guidance tailored to the unique needs of individual schools and settings, to develop high-quality teaching and learning in languages and an exciting and engaging primary languages curriculum.

Why use HFL for your primary languages support ?

With extensive primary languages experience within the team and strong and well-established links with schools and settings, we have a proven track record in providing KS1 and KS2 language support .

You’ll also have the reassurance of knowing you have sector-specific support from advisers who have enjoyed long careers working in a school environment. 

As well as understanding how schools and teachers work, they also recognise the needs of individual schools and cohorts and have an innate knowledge of the strategies that are most likely to be successful in different settings and contexts.


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Typically, schools and settings turn to us for:

  • A review of existing languages provision 

  • Support for individual teachers to develop their practice

  • Support for subject leaders

  • Advice on curriculum planning and resourcing

  • Advice on progression, assessment and /or transition

  • An assessment of procedures and practices

In addition to in-school support we also offer: 

Primary languages programmes

We have a number of programmes and resources that can be beneficial to you in improving primary language teaching in your school or setting.

Primary languages termly updates

Our termly webinars offer teachers and subject leaders the chance to hear about the latest developments, resources and ideas to support teaching and learning in primary languages.

Developing effective languages subject leadership programme

This three-part course for new, experienced and/or aspiring subject leaders looks at how to lead with impact in primary languages.

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What are the benefits of working with HFL to improve primary language teaching in your school?

Our partner schools and settings enjoy a range of benefits when they take advantage of the primary language support our Languages team can provide.

Many find they benefit from extra capacity to both support curriculum review and/or adaptation and to also support non-specialist or Early Career Teachers.

There’s an additional benefit in the continuing tailored professional development available for teaching staff.

You are also highly likely to see increased confidence among non-specialist teachers and/or ECTs and the adoption of a wider range of teaching and learning strategies leading to improved student progress.


Find out more 

If you’d like to know more about how HFL’s Language team can help provide primary language support that’s tailored to your specific needs and objectives, please contact us.


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