At HFL Education, we firmly believe that investing in HR training for schools, settings and trusts is not just about complying with regulations; it's a powerful catalyst for positive change and effective outcomes for children.

We offer a wide range of digital and face-to-face HR training courses, designed specifically for the education sector, to equip school staff with the knowledge and skills they need to create a nurturing, supportive, and high-performing learning environment.

Our HR training courses are created and delivered by a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable HR professionals who have spent many years working closely with schools, settings and trusts.

By using our HR training services, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing your school leaders are benefiting from expert training as well as the insight and context to inform how they apply it.


What does HFL’s core training programme include?

We offer an extensive range of courses that are accessible for staff at all stages of their career journey within a school, academy or trust.  Our training is suitable for everyone, but in particular for headteachers, school leaders, business managers and governors to help them with the key leadership and management skills required.

The training we provide includes, among many others:

  • Absence management

  • Performance management

  • Pay and appraisals

  • Managing the disciplinary process

  • Managing the grievance process

  • Recruitment and retention

  • Safer recruitment training

  • Wellbeing

You can find details of our scheduled events, accessible to all schools, settings and trusts on the HFL Education Hub

These include:

  • Annual HR conference
  • Mock disciplinary and tribunals
  • One-off webinars on key issues affecting staffs in schools e.g. pay and pensions, retirement, wellbeing


Bespoke training

We know that one size does not necessarily fit all. 

We offer bespoke training, designed and built to meet your specific needs and learning outcomes.  These potentially can be shared with other schools and educational organisations who have similar training needs to ensure this is cost-effective..

Our expert trainers can incorporate soft skills and technical skills around all areas of HR and management practice to ensure you get the training best suited to your specific needs.

Effective conflict resolution and communication

In any school, setting or trust, conflicts and communication breakdowns can arise. Our training equips school staff with conflict resolution techniques, active listening skills, and effective communication strategies. By addressing issues proactively and constructively, educators can maintain a harmonious school atmosphere where Teachers spend more time in the classroom and pupils can focus on learning and personal growth.

Supporting development and wellbeing

Our training provides school leaders with tools and insights to enhance teaching effectiveness and nurture staff well-being. A motivated and well-supported staff directly impacts pupils’ enthusiasm for learning.

Enhancing performance management practices

HR training enables schools to implement robust performance management systems that provide constructive feedback and support to teachers and staff. When your team feel encouraged and supported in their professional growth, their dedication and effectiveness translates into better outcomes for their students.

Navigating legal and regulatory compliance

Staying compliant with the ever-changing legal and regulatory landscape is a significant responsibility for educational institutions. Our HR training ensures that schools are well-informed about the latest laws and guidelines, reducing the risk of legal issues and enabling staff to focus on creating enriching learning experiences for children.



Find out more

If you would like to know more about how our training courses, or our bespoke, on-site delivery can  help you, please contact us, or visit the HFL Education Hub for our latest training events.


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