The UK's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Data Protection Act 2018 dictate how personal data is collected and used by organisations.

These regulations expect all organisations that collect data to have robust GDPR policies in place to ensure that the collection, storage, and usage of data is compliant – and this has a significant impact on organisations like schools and trusts that work with students’ personal data every day.

Making sure existing GDPR policies and processes are still fit for purpose is a key part of staying compliant. HFL Education’s GDPR Health Check is a reliable and effective way to stay on top of your data handling processes.

What is a GDPR Health Check?

Our GDPR Health Check works with you to explore how your school or trust not only collects data, but also stores it, secures it and then, where appropriate, uses it.

Our GDPR consultant will then consider whether your existing systems, policies and processes meet the requirements of the Data Protection Act 2018, will share a summary of their conclusions with you, and make any necessary recommendations about further action that may be needed to be compliant.

What are the benefits of HFL’s GDPR Health Check and how does it work?

Our GDPR Health Check is carried out remotely, avoiding any unnecessary disruption to the running of your school, and has been designed to help educational settings ensure that their existing and future policies and processes reflect best practice and remain compliant.

The GDPR Health Check consists of a remote session to support and provide guidance on:

  • Privacy notices, policies and procedures

  • How to carry out a data audit

  • Best practice around data security

  • How to prevent, mitigate, and resolve data breaches

  • Processes to deal with subject access requests

Once the GDPR Health Check is complete and we have established what your current systems are, how they are managed, and how effective they are likely to be, we’ll send you a summary action plan to help you and your SLT identify and set future priorities.


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