What is TUPE?

TUPE stands for Transfer of Undertaking (Protection of Employment).  It is the legislation that helps to protect an employee’s rights when a school, trust or service undergoes a transfer.

When might schools, settings and trusts go through a TUPE transfer process?

For schools, settings and trusts, TUPE becomes crucial during times of change, such as:


When a school converts to an academy, existing staff members may face uncertainty about their employment rights and future. TUPE ensures that employees' terms and conditions of employment are protected, providing them with continuity and reassurance during the conversion process.

Outsourcing/insourcing of services

Many educational institutions opt to outsource services like cleaning or catering to external providers for cost-effectiveness and efficiency. Conversely, insourcing these services back into the school's control can also occur. During these transfers, TUPE safeguards the rights of affected employees, ensuring a fair and seamless transition.

HFL Education’s TUPE Support Service

At HFL Education we understand the complexities involved in TUPE transfers and our dedicated team is here to ensure seamless transitions, safeguarding the interests of both employees and educational institutions.

Our TUPE Support Service is delivered by highly qualified, experienced HR advisors who can offer you practical guidance and advice throughout the process of academisation or insourcing/ outsourcing services or teams.

We work in partnership with school leadership teams to offer clear and simple support during what can often be a complex and involved process, ensuring that your obligations are met in line with legal responsibilities.

Where desired we can lead on the production of key documents, organise and lead meetings with staff and trade unions to present the critical information required, and help with any queries or issues that arise during that process.

Key areas we can support with include:

  • Explanation of the legal requirements

  • Briefing of key stakeholders

  • Consultation and notification process including attendance at key briefings

  • Trade union consultation

  • Due diligence and information exchange

  • Preparation of documentation including any measures being considered by the incoming employer

What are the benefits of using HFL’s TUPE Support Service?

You get the confidence of being able to work through a potentially complex legal process, understand the potential implications of any options you may want to consider, and ensure your obligations are met in line with your legal responsibilities.

A dedicated, expert HR advisor will support you during the TUPE process and handle some aspects of the work if required.

Our service offers schools and trusts comparatively low-cost support from a team of people who are not only TUPE specialists, but also familiar with the unique employment and contractual challenges that exist in the education sector.


Find out more

If you would like to know more about how HFL’s TUPE Support Service can help you to make sure your transfer of services is completed in line with your legal responsibilities and with as little stress as possible, please contact us for an informal discussion.


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