Why create a digital strategy?

Technology works best in education when strategically introduced by skilled and confident staff. By placing a strong focus on how technology can improve processes and teaching, you can build digital capability amongst your staff and achieve good value for money through your procurement.

A digital strategy should contain a plan of what you want to achieve and why, cover a period of years, and tally with financial and budget opportunities and pressures. To ensure longevity, it is essential that the right investment in defining and communicating your digital strategy is made from the outset.

At HFL, we believe that strong digital strategies are built by focusing on:


The people needed to deliver the digital strategy and the experience of change management in the school

  • early and continued investment in change management so that everyone can contribute to and get the most from a digital transformation.
  • creating digital leaders and coaches who can help to ensure staff are fully trained and supported to access your technology solutions and analyse the data they need, as quickly as possible.
  • realistically assessing the support and time needed to implement your technology changes and processes. This can be the difference between success and failure.

How the processes, not just the technology, will need to change

  • help everyone to identify the best opportunities to improve learning outcomes by strengthening data management processes and support.
  • set clear expectations for everyone by embedding digital learning in your teaching and assessment policies.

Technology choices that enable you to stabilise, consolidate and simplify rather than complicate

  • using cloud-based technology wherever possible will help you make significant ongoing support cost savings.
  • unlock the power of greater collaboration by allowing your staff to share and work on documents and digital learning materials together using cloud-based solutions.
  • check that your broadband, Wi-Fi and technology infrastructure are safe and cloud ready, and that your overall existing technology solution is stable enough before you commence any major changes. This helps to keep momentum up during the most challenging phases of any digital transformation.

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  • Implementing a Google or Microsoft cloud-based solution at a two-form primary school can save up to £10K over three years

  • Implementing a Google or Microsoft cloud-based solution at an average sized secondary school can save up to £40K over three years

  • You can save up to 35% on supplier direct pricing for a cloud-based MIS solution by using the HFL MIS Framework


The financial benefits mean there's a bit more to put into staffing and resources for teaching and learning

Rob Halls, Executive Headteacher, Castle CE Federation

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