Our fully accredited data management services team offers specialist support to help schools, academies, MATs and other settings to realise the full potential and benefit of their Management Information Systems (MIS).

We can provide expert specialist support and training for a wide range of systems, including the commonly used SIMS, Arbor, Bromcom and ScholarPack software, ensuring that you get the best value out of the tools you use to evidence academic standards, track pupil attainment data and improve efficiency in business and administrative processes.


How does HFL Education’s MIS support work in practice?

Making the most of your MIS software can unlock powerful and impactful data insight that can significantly contribute to better student outcomes, improved performance in your school or setting, and a more targeted emphasis on priority areas.

We offer support across the full suite of functionality for MIS via our Service Desk, access to guidance and resources on our DMS portal, and bespoke onsite and remote training. 

Our advice, guidance and training is tailored to meet your specific needs and can be accessed flexibly as needed through pre-recorded content, live webinars and face to face classroom based training.


What if I’m thinking of switching my MIS supplier or we’ve moved to another system?

Ours is the most competitive MIS Framework on the market, offering a low-risk solution to switching your supplier.

Our HFL MIS Framework provides you with a step-by-step approach to switching your data management system to a different supplier and ensures you are able to identify the supplier best suited to your school or MAT.

Not only that, but using our framework also entitles you to a discount of up to 35 percent when you purchase your new system.

If you’ve already selected your new MIS provider, we’re fully equipped to support your migration and implementation process to ensure a seamless and successful transition.


Case study: William Ransom Primary School 

Hear from the staff at the William Ransom Primary School on their journey to move their MIS provider to Arbor.

Case study: Little Gaddesden

Hear from the staff at the Little Gaddesden Church of England Primary School on their journey to move their MIS provider to Arbor.

What are the benefits of HFL’s MIS services?

Every one of the school MIS services we provide delivers a tangible benefit to your school, academy or MAT. These benefits include:


Service desk support

Access to a team of experienced consultants via telephone, email or the service desk portal, helping users to harness the power of MIS. The support contract includes:

  • Remote support for SIMS, Arbor, Bromcom and Scholarpack

  • Authorisation and notification of SIMS upgrades and patches

  • Guidance and support in the event of a visit from Ofsted

  • Regular user group webinars

  • Access to the Data Management Services portal, containing detailed guidance for the completion of statutory returns and an extensive range of specially designed reports, to assist with detailed data analysis

  • A wide range of detailed documentation and guidance to support a range of staff using MIS in their role.

MIS consultancy

An additional option for all school staff including senior leaders and available flexibly on site remotely, our consultancy service delivers tailored solutions and expert advice to meet individual school or academy needs.

  • Self-evaluation of the use of your Management Information System

  • Supporting the implementation of a new area of MIS

  • Implementing achievement and behaviour rewards and sanctions linked to a school’s behaviour policy

  • Working with staff to record lesson and session attendance in the classroom

  • Working with staff to enhance the assessment, analysis and reporting system

  • Bespoke on-site training to meet specific needs

MIS training

The Data Management Services team provides remote and on-site training for individuals or groups. Remote training, which we recommend in the first instance, reduces the time staff are away from your setting and enhances the relevance of the training.

Learning can be specific and applied to a school’s own data in many cases, allowing the training to be focused on real life examples.

Current training available can be found on the HFL Education Hub

Feedback on our training:

“Absolutely fantastic! For new and experienced users”
“Gave me confidence to “have a go. No “techy vocab” NO information overload”
“Excellent trainer and course content”


MIS analysis reports

Effective use of our range of analysis reports can have a significant impact on school performance and in improving the evidence available for Ofsted visits.

As a headteacher or senior leader we can help you understand your data, effectively track trends and target interventions to raise pupil achievement.

Our team of data management experts work closely with our teaching and learning advisers, offering a unique service. Because we offer exceptional value for money and cost-effective data and information management systems, our service also offers genuine potential to save both money and staff time.


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