01 July 2024

We have heard from so many school leaders over recent months that school-based complaints are a growing concern as they increase in complexity and number.   

Paul Davies, our complaints manager and an experienced complaints professional, has been working with heads and CEOs for several months now, looking at complex complaints and listening to feedback in order to devise resources that help deal with complaints effectively and make them less time consuming.

As a result, we have created a low-cost Complaints Toolkit that will enable schools to efficiently and effectively manage school-based complaints.

The toolkit provides step-by-step guidance, suggested responses, essential do’s and don’ts and a summary of the process. The toolkit will be reviewed annually and will be supplemented by a termly webinar on complaints-related topics.

Other support is also available from the new service in the form of complaint plans, complaint reviews, independent investigations and panel preparation. Requests for support can be made by emailing: 

The Complaints Toolkit is available to purchase from the HFL Education Hub.

Recognising the budget pressures schools face, we have sought to keep the costs as low as possible and are launching at a price of £179 per school. A small schools discount of 10% will also be applied, taking the cost for those schools (of 100 pupils or fewer on roll) down to £161.10.

The toolkit also takes into account the slightly different complaints processes in academies and maintained schools, with resources having been tailored accordingly.  

Please also continue to talk to us about services we can grow and develop to meet your evolving needs and support managing the greatest challenges you face.   

Contact us today to find out how we can help you.