Optimise your education technology choices to build digital capability, make efficiencies and improve pupil outcomes.

We can help school and MAT leaders to lead innovation and change by adopting a digital transformation strategy and by embedding the use of EdTech to deliver the curriculum in every classroom and for every learner. 

  • Digital strategy underpinned by the DfE’s 'Realising the Potential of Technology in Education'.

  • Google and Microsoft cloud-based options available.

  • Technology and data services available via the government’s G-Cloud procurement framework.

  • MIS training and support for SIMS, Arbor, Bromcom and ScholarPack.

Create a digital strategy

Digital technology can transform the way education is delivered, but without strategic direction and a plan of what you want to achieve and why, opportunities can be overlooked and people left behind. We can help you create strategies that improve learning outcomes and save money.

Implement a digital strategy

Implementing your digital strategy requires careful planning over a significant period. We can help you with the management of complex cloud-based projects and by utilising our change management support, you can ensure the readiness of your technology solutions support.

HFL MIS Framework

The HFL MIS Framework ensures you are matched with the most appropriate supplier to serve the needs of your school or MAT, providing up to 35% discount on buying direct from a supplier. Choose from leading suppliers Arbor, Bromcom, or Scholarpack.

Why choose HFL?

With over 30 years of experience providing IT services for education, we are a trusted technology partner for schools, academies and multi-academy trusts.

We understand that there are distinct demands on education. Schools, academies, and multi-academy trusts (MATs) are striving to manage overheads and reduce costs while delivering a great educational experience. That's why we offer cost-effective digital solutions that enhance technology in the classroom. Our services support your everyday communications and ensure your EdTech and technology are fit for the digital era.

We can help you define and implement a digital strategy to transform your IT provision and will work with you on specific transformational projects. 

Our experts deliver everything from cloud-based solutions, bespoke networks and broadband connectivity to getting your IT systems up and running — all with as little downtime as possible. Our digital solutions also provide MATs with all the tools and services needed to collaborate effectively. This includes Microsoft, Google and MIS cloud-based solutions and the connectivity infrastructure required for them.

We can provide expert advice and IT service management support from our technology analysts and professionals.

Helping you make the most of your Management Information System (MIS)

Our data management services support schools, academies and multi-academy trusts to harness the power of their Management Information System (MIS), including SIMS, Arbor, Bromcom or ScholarPack. We can help you get the maximum benefit from your MIS investment by helping you make full use of the tools available to evidence academic standards, track pupil attainment data and improve efficiency in business and administrative processes, potentially saving staff time and money.

We offer advice and support across the full suite of functionality for MIS software via our Service Desk, access to guidance and resources on our DMS portal, and bespoke onsite and remote training.

If you are looking to switch your MIS supplier, our HFL MIS Framework provides you with a step-by-step approach, ensuring you are matched with the most appropriate supplier to serve the needs of your school or MAT – and it saves you time and money; up to 35% discount on buying direct from a supplier. 

Selected your new MIS provider? We are fully equipped to support your migration and implementation, leading to a seamless transition.

We are committed to helping schools take advantage of technology to enhance staff and pupils' teaching and learning experiences. 

Please contact our Technology in Schools team for further information and details of pricing.