Internal audit, or scrutiny, is a legal requirement of the Academy Trust Handbook and must be completed annually, with the findings submitted to the Education and Skills Funding Agency by December 31.

HFL Education’s team of qualified auditors have extensive experience of successfully running this process for academy trusts.


What is the Internal Audit Service?

Provision of internal scrutiny support, as required in the Academies Trust Handbook, helps academy trusts to ensure compliance with the handbook.

As part of our internal audit service we can offer:

  • Internal audit service as required by Academy Trust Handbook

  • Standard audit themes available or tailored audit service depending on your trust’s requirements

  • Attendance at Audit and Risk Committee meetings to discuss report findings

  • Reports for each audit area setting out our key findings and recommendations to support best practice

  • Working with your Audit and Risk Committee to:

    • Advise on risk models and completion of the risk register
    • Facilitate the review and regular update of the risk register
    • Develop the internal scrutiny programme of work for one, two or three years

We are able to audit a wide range of areas, drawing on expertise across the company, including finance, operations, HR, IT and GDPR. As part of our service, our subject experts will conduct review of controls to identify risks and provide tailored recommendations on next steps for your academy trust.


Why us our Internal Audit Service?

Our team comprises qualified accountants and internal auditors with experience delivering internal audits in both commercial and school settings.

The in-house access to a wide range of subject experts means our offer isn’t just for financial control reviews and can be tailored to focus on areas that are of most concern to your academy trust.

We offer on-site visits to schools and settings, only completing work digitally when this is of greater benefit to our customers or more pragmatic.



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