Why use HFL to implement your digital strategy?

We can support you with the implementation of cloud-based projects, change management and options for technical service management. At HFL we have designed our project implementation plans so that most of the work can be carried out during term time, if necessary, without impacting the day-to-day running of the school.

Multi-academy trusts

As a MAT, you are likely to need to implement complex technology-change projects in parallel at multiple schools.  We have the capacity and experience to help you achieve this. 

  • Our overall solution for your MAT considers your brand-related requirements together with the specific data management and security requirements of each of your schools;
  • Our cloud migration projects can be implemented separately for each of your schools, or in parallel if you wish to move at pace;
  • Once implemented, the additional benefits of being part of the overall MAT solution are automatically realised by each of the schools.


Secondary schools (maintained or within a MAT)

We understand the complexity of the technology solutions secondary schools have and the need to carefully plan any move to a fuller cloud-based solution.

  • Cloud migrations often have several execution phases due to the complexity of existing technical solutions;
  • Earlier phases typically involve centralising your data within the cloud, moving your MIS to the cloud, and migrating to Gmail if you are becoming a Google Cloud school;
  • Subsequent phases involve the cloud-based implementation of device management and the migration of your applications, including EdTech, to cloud-based solutions.

Primary schools (maintained or within a MAT)

We realise that there can be so much more to using technology in the primary classroom than your existing use of Microsoft Education or Google for Education.

  • Google and Microsoft cloud migrations can generate real teaching and learning benefits when you migrate to our recommended cloud-based EdTech solutions at the same time, within a single project phase;
  • Starting with an EdTech review helps identify alternative cloud-based applications that you can use to underpin greater curriculum-based learning;
  • MIS cloud migrations can be performed in a single project phase, using tried and tested change management processes.
  • Implementing a Google or Microsoft cloud-based solution at a two-form primary school can save up to £10K over three years

  • Implementing a Google or Microsoft cloud-based solution at an average sized secondary school can save up to £40K over three years.

  • You can save up to 35% on supplier direct pricing for a cloud-based MIS solution by using the HFL MIS Framework.

Enabling change

Digital change projects are fundamentally learning projects, and learning takes time. Everyone from the school office staff to teachers in the classroom will have to follow a learning curve to leverage new systems and processes effectively. Change management is simply the information, training, and tools we equip people with to enable them to successfully adopt what is being implemented.

Change management helps guide your staff through individual change projects by gathering information on the specific needs and pains that individuals and departments are likely to encounter – and putting in place the correct resources to guide them through the process. It can help create a culture that is not just receptive to change, but which actively identifies opportunities for change throughout your school, setting or MAT.

We can support you through the process of change management and inspire your digital leaders, technology and data management teams through our digital forums and training.

Contact us on 01438 544466 if you would like our help in implementing your digital strategy.

Digital forums

Our digital forums involve people from multiple schools and involve motivational external guests.  If you’re a MAT, you may want us to set up and facilitate a forum exclusively for all your schools. Our most popular forums are:

  • creating a digital strategy
  • helping digital leaders to embed digital learning in the teaching and assessment policies of the organisation
  • helping technology leaders keep abreast of the latest developments in the world of education technology
  • regular user groups for SIMS and Arbor users to share experiences and keep up to date with management information systems (MIS)

Digital training

Our online training courses can be run for your digital leaders or for nominated groups of staff within your organisation.  Our most popular training courses are:

  • pre training and post training to support the use of new cloud technologies
  • how to become an expert MIS user
  • how to get the most from EdTech to improve learning outcomes
  • regular cyber-security awareness training

I would never want to go back to where we were. It's worth the shift and new learning to get to where we are now.

Gilly Stray, Headteacher, Alban City School

Please contact us for further information and details of pricing.